Paphiopedilum Premium Plus – Complex Reds & Complex Spots


We have four different prices groups:
Price Point is mainly the mottled leaf (maudiae) type but does include some other intriguing things including some economical multifloral and sequential and even some fairrieanum hybrids; Select includes some different novelty type breeding: Premium has mostly yellow/green complex and some multifloral of different breeding; Premium Plus includes red and spot complex and traditional multifloral.

Paphiopedilum Premium Plus

4” square pot
In bud delivered in the US (except Alaska) in-pot $18.00

10401 Paphiopedilum Winston’s Pass

Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS x Paphiopedilum Luther Pass 'Double Spots'
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Bred for spots on the dorsal sepal.  ‘Indomitable’ is the classic spotted Winston and Luther Pass brings in another spotted classic Spotglen bred to Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ .  The result is 3/4 Winston and a lot of spots.  And of course we have forgotten to photograph.

00706 Paphiopedilum Great Warrior

(Paphiopedilum Great Aunt Mildred 'Red Glory' x Paphiopedilum Sioux 'Swallow' AM/AOS)
in Paphiopedilum > Paphiopedilum Premium Plus > Paphiopedilum Premium Plus - Complex Reds & Complex Spots

These flowers are usually a little smaller coming out of Mildred Hunter as a grandparent, but this is a very reliable bloomer.  But it is another one we need to photograph.

  • About Lehua Orchids

    Lehua Orchids is located on the Island of Hawaii (the Big island, also known as the Orchid Isle). We are on the slopes of Mauna Loa, half way between Hilo and Volcano in a community called Mountain View. In this location we enjoy the benefits of our almost daily trade winds, and nightly from the cooling effects of our “mauka” winds (winds coming down from the top of the mountain)

    In this location we are able to specialize in intermediate temperature orchids. Our daily highs in summer are about 85 degrees with a 20 degree drop at night. in winter our highs are around 75 and 60 at night. These conditions allow us to specialize in our favorite orchids, Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums, Angraecums and Lycaste.