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Delivered in the US (except Alaska) – $13.00

Lycaste Hawaiian Lass

31007 Lycaste Hawaiian Lass

(Lycaste lasioglossa var. rosea 'Coolness' x Lycaste Gratrixae 'Flowering JEM')
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Sweetheart of a small flower, the first to bloom shows the coloring of lasioglossa and even hints of the frilly lip.

Lycaste (suaveolens x campbellii)

30907 Lycaste Suave

(Lycaste suaveolens 'Lotsa Yellow' x Lycaste campbellii 'Fluttering Yellow JEM')
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Gorgeous small yellow and green flowers with greater heat tolerance than the skinneri based larger hybrids.  Expect the plant to produce more and more flowers in successive years..

Lycaste Leilani’s Pink Dust

20203 Lycaste Leilani’s Pink Dust

(Lycaste Kurt Servos 'Lisa' x Lycaste brevispatha 'Mottled Pink')
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Medium sized flowers. Bringing in brevispatha syn. candida has added more flowers yet retaining a relatively long stem length from the virginalis syn. skinneri hybrid used as the pod parent.

Lycaste Dainty syn. Lycaste Birthday Girl

10104 Lycaste Dainty syn. Lycaste Birthday Girl

(Lycaste campbelli 'Shan' x Lycaste candida syn. brevispatha)
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Yes we know Lycaste candida is currently Lycaste brevispatha but this cross is registered under both names, and we prefer Lycaste Dainty, so that is what it will be with us.   Variable in color and as yet we have not developed a way to tell which is which before the flower opens.  We could […]

  • About Lehua Orchids

    Lehua Orchids is located on the Island of Hawaii (the Big island, also known as the Orchid Isle). We are on the slopes of Mauna Loa, half way between Hilo and Volcano in a community called Mountain View. In this location we enjoy the benefits of our almost daily trade winds, and nightly from the cooling effects of our “mauka” winds (winds coming down from the top of the mountain)

    In this location we are able to specialize in intermediate temperature orchids. Our daily highs in summer are about 85 degrees with a 20 degree drop at night. in winter our highs are around 75 and 60 at night. These conditions allow us to specialize in our favorite orchids, Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums, Angraecums and Lycaste.