We have four different price grades available:

Price Point: includes the small species and hybrids
Select: mid-size hybrids and some species
Premium: larger species and hybrids
Premium Plus: the exotic or huge

Angraecoid Select

4” square pot.
In spike delivered in the US (except Alaska) in pot $15.00

Angcm leonis aimanalo

30302 Angraecum leonis

in Angraecoid > Angraecoid Select

These have not bloomed for us.  The picture is of the parent that we selfed.  The plants are as big as the parent was when we bred it.  Flowering started in the fall 2015 and they look just like the parent.

Angraecum Memoria Namaste

10605 Angraecum Memoria Namaste

Angraecum White Lioness 'White Perfection' x Angraecum leonis)
in Angraecoid > Angraecoid Select

Named for our late white Bengal Tiger who was the pride of the Hilo Zoo.  This is three quarters leonis. The plant clearly reflects the leonis influence but the flower has taken a lot of the size and substance of  White Lioness and Lemforde White Beauty.

Angraecoid Premium

4” square pot
In spike delivered in the US (except Alaska) in pot $18.00

Angraecum sesquipedale var. angustifolium (syn. bosseri)

31006 Angraecum sesquipedale var. angustifolium (syn. bosseri)

in Angraecoid > Angraecoid Premium

This is the ‘Easter blooming sesquipedale’.  We have been reluctant to list these as the growth is very different from sesquipedale.  It is more compact and the leaves are darker.  The flowering season, March through May, is different.  We are thrilled to say these have now been taxonomically verified.  The flowers themselves look identical to [...]

  • About Lehua Orchids

    Lehua Orchids is located on the Island of Hawaii (the Big island, also known as the Orchid Isle). We are on the slopes of Mauna Loa, half way between Hilo and Volcano in a community called Mountain View. In this location we enjoy the benefits of our almost daily trade winds, and nightly from the cooling effects of our “mauka” winds (winds coming down from the top of the mountain)

    In this location we are able to specialize in intermediate temperature orchids. Our daily highs in summer are about 85 degrees with a 20 degree drop at night. in winter our highs are around 75 and 60 at night. These conditions allow us to specialize in our favorite orchids, Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums, Angraecums and Lycaste.